About Us

We focus on neighborhoods in communities with homeowners seeking high quality design and build remodeling at affordable prices

Some key accomplishments:

  • Achieved a 98% rate of client satisfaction and referencibility over a 14 year operating history
  • Perfected expertise in small and large project management and developed competencies in all the required trade areas
  • Developed an outstanding suite of support technology, process excellence and a network of partners and suppliers resulting in beautiful outcomes
  • Operate flawlessly without law suits, unsatisfied customers, or negative ratings, reviews and references

Mission Statement

“Our purpose centers on three core themes: First is the pursuit of excellence and value creation to everyone in which we have association including Customers, Shareholders and Investors, Team Members, Contracting Partners and Suppliers. Second is the perfection of our core competencies – Renovation and Remodeling, General Construction, and Project and Quality Management. Third is to generate profit that can be distributed to our team, investors and for the betterment of public service

Clients Say

Painted exterior of the home and ran new guttering down the left side.

“The Company did a bunch of work for my parents, so I hired them to paint my house. The work is excellent and a great value for the price.”

– Hyla Lintner

Remodeled most of this Bedford executive home. Re-painted the entire interior and exterior and garage floor. Installed new cabinets in the Master bathroom, new tile on the firplace hearths, floors and back-splash, new carpet, and solid surface and granite countertops. Fauxed the walls in the Dining Room, Bathrooms, and Master Bedroom and applied a custom color schemes to each one.

“Jose and crew did a fabulous job. The work is perfect and the Faux work is a work of art. Thanks to all of you for such a great job. I am referring you to all of my friends.”

– Gayle Lee

Painted gated entry to our neighborhood for our Neighborhood Association.

“Beautiful work. Stuart was on the job and before we knew it, was gone. The work is perfect and we are more than satisfied with the end product and the value.”

– Gayle Lee